Who is Helmet Head?

We are a North American brand that focuses on smoking accessories. Our smell proof bags pay close attention to quality craftsmanship and finding innovative solutions to continue making our bags stand above the competition. These unrivaled line of products are proud to combine smell proof, weatherproof and lockable all-in-one. These bags are also lightweight and compact, making it easy for you to take your stash wherever you decide to go. With an uncompromising pursuit of creating quality products, Helmet Head will continue to make sure whatever you decide to put inside stays protected.




Why Helmet Head?

If you are in the market for smell proof bags, our customers would tell you to look no further. Large enough for everyday use and small enough to bring anywhere – giving you the privacy protection you need at home, in your car and while travelling. Our 100% smell proof activated carbon technology bags will save you from those awkward looks in public and those uncomfortable comments of “what’s that smell?” Stay low key by keeping odors under control. #ProtectMyStash





“Product is of high quality, from the fabric to the zipper to the lock. Inside there's an extra layer of Velcro, 1 main compartment and 2 side compartments. The lock is super useful and makes this bag multi-purpose. As far as the smell deterrent, I haven't been able to tell AT ALL any smell coming from inside the bag but will keep ya'll posted as I keep using. Would recommend this to keep your goods dry, smell proof and protected.”

“I use this bag mainly to visit the local dispensary because they require my purchases to be child resistant and concealed before heading out. I have to say this bag is quite versatile as its fits my herbs and all my accessories easily. Overall, I am happy with this purchase – no smell comes out and grinder card comes in real handy...”

“... This bag is AMAZING. I have struggled finding anything to contain my super potent smelling herb from air-tight jars to other bags and NOTHING was able to keep the smell locked in. This bag is a miracle worker and leaves no trace of smell whatsoever. This bag is a quality product that has Velcro AND a zipper keeping everything well sealed. I love the lock that is attached for it makes me feel that all of my contents are super safe. I highly recommend this bag to anyone who wants to be discreet or doesn't like the smell of herb.”