Do smell proof bags work?

Yes. Through research and development, Helmet Head's Activated Carbon Technology and Smell Proof Structure is guaranteed to be 100% smell proof. When fully closed, Helmet Head Smell Proof Storage absorbs and traps even the strongest of odors.  

What are smell proof bags for?

Helmet Head Smell Proof Bags are perfect for trapping smells to avoid unwanted attention in public places and keep things discreet in your home, at work or while traveling. In addition, with the lockable feature, it helps prevent unnecessary incidence where children or pets can get in contact with your stash. More importantly, the outer shell is water repellent, keeping your techs and herb safely protected inside.

Are Ziploc bags smell proof?

No. Ziploc bags are one time used bags that are not 100% smell proof. Helmet Head Bag's are 100% Smell Proof and durable enough to be used daily for years to come. 

What is the best smell proof bag?

Helmet Head is the Leader in Smell Proof. We did not become the leader in Smell Proof by saying it, we become one by proving it. With Helmet Head, you’re choosing the Smell Proof Storage that's leading in consumer reviews. That means you’ll be getting the #1 Most Trusted Brand chosen by consumers. 

What are smell proof bags made of?

Helmet Head smell proof bags are lined with 100% activated carbon technology. The thick activated carbon fiber layer absorbs and traps even the strongest of odors. Helmet Head has a total of six layers of protection to help keep your stash discreetly safe.